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Product Codes - UPC and EAN
Product Codes - UPC and EAN

What is a UPC?

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UPC stands for universal product code. It's a unique number given to every item sold in stores. In many countries, the UPC has 12 numbers. In the UK, where the UPC is called EAN, there are 13 numbers.

Here is an example of a UPC at the bottom of a bar code.

Benefits of UPC

Knowing the product code can help your product search. With that number, you can get accurate matches between a product source and Amazon.

Unfortunately, not every online arbitrage source domain or wholesale manifest has a UPC or EAN available for every product at every site, or every category. That would make product searches oh-so much easier, but the data is simply not always provided.

When this information is missing we use other advanced methods such as a combination of Title and Image analysis to get a next best match result.

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