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Your soon-to-be favourite Product Search filter.

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This might be one of the most important product filter in the Product Search portals. 

Using it correctly can have more products meet your ROI filters that others may well not see who do not use this feature correctly or at all.

Searching for stores which offer a discount, allow you to achieve lower costs on your purchase. With lower costs, you'll be able to achieve your ROI objectives.

There are two ways to input price adjustment thresholds: manual and auto-fill.

Manual input

Toggle the Store Price Reductions switch to the manual entry setting.

  1. Enter any Store Discount - usually added by a coupon code at checkout.

  2. Enter any Cashback percentage if using a site like Ebates. To get these rewards after a sale, you first have to register with one or more of these companies and use their links.

  3. Enter any Giftcard percentage, for example if you found a reduced giftcard at a place like Raise.

  4. Enter a Sales Tax figure for your state. If you enjoy tax-exempt status perhaps by using a prep centre in a tax free state, or live in a state with no sales tax, leave the field blank.



Toggle the Store Price Reductions switches to Auto.

Especially for Store Discounts and Tax, auto-fill feature enters any Discounts figure set by you in the Set Discounts window.

  1. Click the AS PER DISCOUNTS button. A new page displays.

  2. Select a country by clicking a flag. 

  3. Enter a sales tax, if required. That number auto-fills down the Tax column.

  4. Click IMPORT DISCOUNTS if you have a csv file with data.

  5. Click a cell and type a new number of you want to enter data.

  6. Click CLEAR ALL to remove your modifications but keep the base data.

  7. Click SAVE.

Currently for USA only, Cashback and Giftcards discounts can be extracted from leading sources such as Ebates, and Raise and these can be Automatically populated from the pages you select as being a member of, or willing to buy from.

The Auto button will open a popup with direct links to the various deals to approve and compare before you search, and another button in this dialogue, EDIT SOURCES, allows you to select which of the resources you are happt use this feature with for you personally.

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