This article gives you an overview of the View Data page. The View Data page displays the results of your Tactical Arbitrage search. With this information, you can make arbitrage decisions and build your business.


At first glance, the View Data might seem chaotic, but just like the universe, there is order.

There are two types of View Data pages:

  • advanced

  • basic



In Advanced mode, the View Data page contains a ginormous amount of information. Generally, it might be helpful to see the page as 5 set of tools.

These tool sets are shown in the image below.



In Basic mode, the View Data page contains fewer data sets and a less complex table. Generally, the Basic View data table has 5 sections.

These tool sets are shown in the image below.


Columns and rows

Each row provides information for one product. The more products in the search results, the more rows in the table.

The table in Advanced mode has a lot of information squeezed into 40 or so columns. You can move or hide columns. 

  • Pro Tip: Hit F11 on the keyboard to maximize display space on your monitor. F11 hides the bars at the top and bottom of the screen. You can return everything as it was, with the same button.

The View Data table in Basic mode has only 5 fixed columns. These columns cannot be moved or hidden.

View Data in Detail

For detailed information about the View Data page, see:

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