Go to the Settings page and set notifications to send a message every time something big happens.

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Some searches take a long time to complete, but there's no need to wait by the computer playing Solitaire as you watch a big search grind on. Configure the notifications tool and you'll get a message when big things occur.

  • The notifications tool works like this. Set the conditions to trigger a message. When that event occurs, Tactical Arbitrage sends you a message. Easy peasy.

By the end of this article, you will know how to:

  • customise the notifications tool

  • select the conditions that trigger auto update messages

1.  Opening the notifications panel

  1. On the dashboard, click SETTINGS. A drop-down menu displays.

  2. Click Settings. The Settings page displays.

  3. Click Notifications on the top menu.



2.  Selecting a tab

The Notifications panel has two tabs: 

  • ALERT METHODS determines how you are contacted. 

  • AUTO UPDATES create the triggers.

Click a tab to open a panel.


3.  Customizing alert methods

Click the ALERT METHODS tab to enter contact information. 

Enter your email address and phone number. Be sure to select a county. 

  1. Click the flag.

  2. Select a country on the menu.

Review the notification features.

  1. Toggle ON (blue) a switch to activate a feature.

  2. Toggle OFF (blue) a switch to turn off a feature.

You can also set a mute time for SMS notifications. 

  1. Select to start and end mute times.

  2. Click the UTC field and select your time zone on the menu.


4.  Customizing auto updates

Click the AUTO UPDATES tab to customize triggers and create automatic updates. There are 6 features.

This tool works well when you have a bunch of items saved in a folder. You like these items but, at the time, a buy decision didn't make sense. 

For example:

  • A profitable item was out of stock.

  • A great product wasn't priced profitably.

Being a prudent and patient person, you saved these items in a folder and decided to wait for something to change.

Use these tools to trigger a message when change occurs.

4.1  Folder updates

Toggle ON this switch to auto update saved data in specific folders. 

  1. Toggle ON (blue) a switch to activate a feature.

  2. Click the grey box to select a folder, or folders, you want to update.

  3. Click the next field and then select the frequency of daily updates.

  • Note: Click the question mark to read the limitations of this update feature.

4.2  ROI

  1. Toggle ON this switch to get a message when a product has an estimated ROI that meets or exceeds your target rate. 

  2. Enter your target rate in the field.

4.3  In Stock

  1. Toggle ON this switch to get a message when out of stock products become in stock. 

4.4  Estimated Sales

  1. Toggle ON this switch to get a message when product sales exceed your target number. 

  2. Enter your target number in the field.

4.5  Combo

  1. Toggle ON this switch to get a message only when the thresholds of three variables (i.e. ROI, in stock, and sales) are met or exceeded collectively. 

4.6  Set discounts

  1. Toggle ON this switch to override discounts and apply figures from the Set Discounts window. A confirmation box displays.

  2. Click Accept in the confirmation box.

  3. Click the SET DISCOUNTS button. A new page displays.

  4. Update discount information for each retailer (i.e. source discounts, cashback, and giftcards). Some of these columns will be pre-populated already.

  5. Click SAVE.

  • Note: Populate the discount fields yourself (based on your own research and experience) or acquire a list from a third party. Import the list of discounts as a csv file.

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