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Make $100 using Tactical Arbitrage
Make $100 using Tactical Arbitrage

Sourcing the right deals is where we begin. Other tactical factors need to be considered before making your first move.

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How to VERY quickly get results with TA Product Search

1. Get a new email and subscribe to OA newsletters (self). Or these days use

2. Apply discounts including those found in Cashback sites and discount gift card sites - or use Christopher Grant's RevROI tool to help with this.

3. Keep filters loose. Set your prep costs as accurately as you can, and then enter greater than 1 estimated sale per month, ROI over 1% will get you data to start looking into.

4. Switch cache to a range that is within the period of the site sale you are on. For example, if the sale has been on for 4.5 days, switch cache to 4 days.

5. For really quick results, use Rapid search in Settings.

6. Run your scan, then start another, and another, and another. If you are looking to hit just one site, try segmenting that site into multiple parallel scans.

7. Easy Bulk is great and covers almost all categories, however, sometimes you'll need to use a manual URL for a specific sale category that's not in Easy Bulk.

8. Check results in View Data carefully, especially matching and the visual sales in the History Chart. If it seems too good to be true, it might not be but also check there is not a strange bundle in play. There are gemstones and often still some coal that gets through our strict matching criteria due to the way bundles work with a source image matching one of the bundle item images.

9. There will be more gemstones than expected with this criteria, although you'll find even more if you run that scan again without Step 5.

10. If ignoring Step 5, slow down your searches, and find more again by selecting - Also check UPC Products for Image Matches, Also Show Amazon Out of Stock Results, and Also Show Reverse Search Results - UPC and Title.

11. Since you are using cache, once you have whittled down your potentials in View Data - Update Data to get the most current pricing and stock information from Source and Amazon.

12. Examine even further in Tactical Edge (that little microscope under the number of sellers), to examine competitor pricing, estimated sales, and stock levels to gauge potential pricing and confidence.

13. If new, consider buying a little wider, and not too deep to get a feel of everything and build your confidence in the process.

Hope that helps! Remember to get ungated for any categories you need along the way as you find more things.

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