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What are badges for?

To make the TA experience more engaging and community driven. Having a community experience promotes faster learning and higher sales outcomes for users. This badge collection and sharing experience is a first step in that direction so you can:

  1. Track your own individual progress.

  2. Celebrate your milestones with those who’ve helped you along the way!

Will there be more badges?

Yes! Sharing and celebrating milestones are important for any journey and the online sales journey is no different. Please reach out with additional suggestions if you have them!

Do badges unlock rewards?

Not yet, but stay tuned (hint hint . . .)

Why does it say that I didn’t achieve a sales badge ($5K/month, $50K lifetime) if I know I already did?

Sales data is based on the information in the View Inventory tab. Please note you will need to enable the "Show Inventory" option for data to pull through for this badge.

It says I’ve earned badge(s). When did this happen?

For long-time users, some of these milestones happened a while ago. You’ll notice you’ve already unlocked the badges as a result. Keep going though! We’ll have more badges available shortly.

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